Logo Design

Website Design

Web Hosting

Serverside Databases

Search Engine Opitmization

Creating JavaScript frameworks

App/Mobile Development

Content Management Systems

Web Maintenance


$1000 per site


$1500 per hour


$500 per month


We first plan and layout on paper. To ensure that everyone is on the same page on what the needs are. This step is essential to create a fantastic website. This planning phase includes writing the needs of the site. We also make a paper prototype wireframe which is used throughout the process.


We then create a layout and design on the computer. This takes the prototype from the planning stage and making it look like it should on the computer. It’s done by using Photoshop to get the drawing to come to fruition.


Next up is to use the Hyper Text Markup Language, Cascading Stylesheets and JavaScript to make it look exactly like the computer design. This stage in the procees is a lot of testing, problem solving and troubleshooting. What makes GPR good at programming, is problem solving and troubleshooting the websites code.


We finally get to the stage in the process of marketing, or optimizing, and maintaining the website. We have to make the website searchable for users to view and buy the products on the page. After the look of the website is complete GPR uses keywords and descriptions to get search engines to find and evaluate the website.


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